14k Yellow Gold Coin Earrings fits 1/10 oz $5 Gold Eagle


Product Specifications

Fits                                                 1/10 oz $5 Eagle
Diameter                                                   16.50mm
Thickness                                                     1.27mm

Years of Minting: 1986-Present Date

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These earrings are 14k Gold and feature a screw top bezel that will secure coins in place. This pair of polished Gold earrings are an ideal way to display your favorite small coins.

Product Highlights:

  • Feature lever backs for extra security.
  • Fits 1/10 oz $5 Gold Eagle
  • Lightweight that doesn't feel heavy on your ears.
  • Sold in the Following Styles:
    Coin Edge
    Diamond Cut
    RopeYears of Minting: 1986-Present Date

Additional information


Coin Edge, Diamond Cut, Rope


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